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Vynamic Security solution now protects Victoriabank ATMs

Self-service banking infrastructure security is becoming a top priority for most financial institutions. DAAC Systems Integrator, with the support of BS/2 and Diebold Nixdorf, has implemented a project to protect the ATM fleet of the Moldovan bank Victoriabank from logical attacks. The project was implemented using the Intrusion Protection module tools, which is part of the Vynamic Security software package.

Victoriabank is the third largest commercial bank in Moldova in terms of assets. It provides all types of financial services to individuals and legal entities, has about 100 branches, and serves more than 270 thousand clients. Over the past two years, Victoriabank made significantly higher investments vis-à-vis previous years to develop its infrastructure and terminal network.

The main reason for implementing the Vynamic Security solution was the increased risks associated with the growth in the number of logical attacks in European countries.

Victoriabank expert team has developed a plan for the implementation of the Vynamic Security Intrusion Protection solution. Thanks to this software, they can increase self-service devices’ security and protect them from attacks by criminals.

To date, the bank has installed the software component on more than 200 devices, and the effort continues.

Implementation partners

“The use of the Vynamic Security solution to protect existing operating systems before the complete decommissioning of ATMs turned out to be more economically justified. A one-step transfer of an extensive network of terminals to a new operating system would be more expensive,” says Alexander Savinov, Director of Sales Department of DAAC System Integrator.

This project’s implementation became possible thanks to the partnership between BS/2 and DAAC System Integrator, one of the largest IT companies in Moldova. DAAC System Integrator carried out all the integration work and will provide technical support for the Intrusion Protection.

“We highly appreciate the experience and competence of our partner DAAC System Integrator, who was able to help protect the Victoriabank self-service devices fleet in a reasonably short time,” says Nikolay Zaleshchuk, regional manager of BS/2. “We are always ready to support such an initiative on our part since the threat of logical attacks on ATMs, unfortunately, is very high. This is evidenced by truly frightening statistics on incidents in Western and Eastern Europe.”

About Vynamic Security Solution

The Intrusion Protection module protects the terminal network from the intrusion of all types of malicious programs into the ATM computer, allowing only authorized and verified processes that meet the established set of rules to run on devices. Intrusion Protection can work autonomously and as a component of the Vynamic Security software platform, providing comprehensive protection of self-service machines from hacking at the software and hardware levels.

The Vynamic Security solution package also includes Hard Disk Encryption modules for encrypting data stored on a self-service device and Access Protection for differentiating access to various applications in the ATM software and hardware environment.

The synergy of all three modules of the system makes it possible to protect the ATM from the absolute majority of threats that are not related to self-service devices’ physical impact.

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