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Mobile Payments.iQ For Mobile Payments

The Mobile Payments.iQ mobile gadget complemented the Payments.iQ automated payment management system. It allows clients to make payments with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) via Mobile Banking.iQ.

The gadget allows a bank customer to pay utilities, communications, loans, and other services‘ bills conveniently. Mobile Payments.iQ automatically generates the amount and other data straight from the service provider. This simplifies and speeds up the payment process – you have to log in to the mobile bank, choose the service and confirm the payment.

All Payments.iQ structural and payment options‘ changes are immediately viewed in Mobile Payments.iQ as well. It requires no additional costs to the bank, which is the owner of Payment.iQ.

The Mobile Payments.iQ gadget is part of the Mobile.iQ solutions family. It is tailored for Android and iOS operating systems.

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