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Mobile application ATMeye.iQ – available now on Google Play!

BS / 2 presents an app – Mobile ATMeye.iQ: a family member of mobile solutions from Mobile.iQ. Mobile ATMeye.iQ 1.0 is available for download now from the online store Google Play.

Mobile ATMeye.iQ – notifies users immediately, in real-time, of any attempt to control processes at or near a self-service financial device.

In addition to monitoring, Mobile ATMeye.iQ provides tools to analyze the situation: query the application’s current state and its components.  The query allows viewing photos and video footage in real-time, providing analyses from the recent event.

Using this app, the user has immediate response tools: the ability to run any process of self-service devices (start/stop the application, removal notice on the device’s screen, start/stop the chime, rebooting devices, etc.), the transfer of relevant information by e-mail, SMS.

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