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BS/2 launch a new web resource for the ATM security solution ATMeye.iQ

BS/2, a company specializing in banking technologies for over 25 years, is proud to announce, a fresh and intuitive resource for ATM and POS servicing specialists on relevant industry issues and solutions for ensuring security and streamlining device workflow.

The new website represents a key point in the success of ATMeye.iQ – with 232 banks employing the solution in 80 countries. What used to be a security system has grown to become a key tool for self-service device management for device fleet administrators, customer service specialists, and system administrators.

“Ensuring ATM protection is one of the main tasks of the banking sector that will never cease being relevant, yet we view the role of our proactive security system as something larger. We understand that automating routine device management processes is an essential factor in reducing device maintenance expenses and enhancing the self-service device channel”, says Tomas Augucevičius, BS/2 Deputy Director.

Those looking to brush up on their industry knowledge have a resources page – portraying the state of the industry landscape with such topics as biometric technologies for retail and banks, the growing number of malicious software, and physical attacks at ATMs.

When developing the website, the BS/2 team was guided by the desire to share professional experience in implementing projects worldwide. The page contains useful information on the use of biometrics in banking, establishing comprehensive monitoring of terminal networks, counteracting the growing number of ATM attacks, and optimizing the self-service channel’s workflow.

The proactive security solution ATMeye.iQ is part of the .iQ product family developed by BS/2. Our innovative software and technological solutions are designed for financial institutions and retail companies for business automation and workflow streamlining.


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