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Non-Cash Payment Opportunities Expand In Georgia

In restaurants of Georgia, where EFTPOS-terminals of one of the largest banks are installed, the possibility of cashless tips appeared. To provide such a service, ASHBURN International has expanded the functionality of the TransLink.iQ  system integrated into payment devices.

The share of non-cash payments in the service sector grows every year. According to statistics, more than 60% of restaurants pay with cards and do not leave a tip. Now customers can express their gratitude to the service staff even without cash. When paying the bill through EFTPOS-terminals, it will be possible to add the transaction’s tip amount.

Besides, ASHBURN International has developed the opportunity to carry out two operations types at once in one terminal: payment for services and cash withdrawals. This feature allows the bank to expand its cash distribution network. It is vital in localities where there are not enough ATMs or bank branches. Cardholders can not only make payments at service points but also withdraw the necessary amount of money.

The bank plans to introduce a new feature in retail chains. When paying for goods by credit card, customers will have the opportunity to cash out a small amount. This function will allow retailers to increase their customers’ loyalty by expanding the range of services offered.

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