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Insurance Brokers Offer Customers a More Convenient Way to Pay for Service

Insurance brokers offer their clients a quick and convenient way of paying for insurance services. Now it is possible to pay off several insurance accounts, making one payment with a payment card.

“The new solution simplifies the process of paying for insurance services. It ensures employees’ safety due to the lack of need to carry cash and convenience for customers because they can make several payments by one transaction. Nowadays, when banks reduce the branches number, the possibility of cashless payments is especially relevant. Our work is becoming more efficient,” says Stasys Stumbrys, General Director of the Insurance Brokerage Company Drausma.

The comprehensive software was created by ASHBURN International, which specializes in supporting and monitoring POS-terminal networks. According to its Executive Director Žoržas Šarafanovičius, this solution allows brokers to reduce the collection expenses and save time for customer service, regardless of which insurance company is selected.

“The customers can pay using the payment cards for the services of any insurance companies operating in Lithuania. After scanning the barcode on the payment document, the insurance company and the policy number are automatically determined. The payment amount appears on the POS-terminal screen, and the client can pay for the insurance service using a payment card. Besides, the insurance company receives a report on all accepted payments and imports it into account systems at the end of the working day,” told Ž. Šarafanovičius.

The specialized software optimizes the data processing and ensures the transfer of the payment directly to the insurance companies’ accounts, speeding up the activation of the service.

“After the payment is made, the funds are transferred to the company‘s account. As soon as we see a notification of money transfer, the insurance service is activated immediately. This solution contributes to greater transparency of the insurance services sector,” says Vytautas Astrauskas, Head of ERGO Business Customer Service Department.

The ASHBURN International solution can be implemented in any company that accepts payments for goods and services, such as travel agencies or hotels. It is especially actual for companies with nationwide customer service centers.

ASHBURN International, developing software and providing IT services to companies in the financial, commercial, and telecommunications sectors, has provided over 300 POS-terminals with integrated specialized software to insurance companies and brokerage branches in Lithuania.

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