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Economic downturn is a perfect time to get strength and decisively move on

What news is waiting for us in information and telecommunication technology next year? How will the national economy withstand the economic downturn, and what can people expect in the upcoming year? These questions are discussed with a well-known businessman Idrakas Dadasovas, general manager of Penki Kontinentai group.

What was the year 2009 like for you personally and for the Penki Kontinentai group?

Generally speaking, the year was successful and, as usual, dynamic. For me personally, it did not differ much from the previous year. Of course, some events in the business world surprised me: unexpected, sometimes questionable bankruptcies, shake-ups of well-known companies, and their incorporations. Some of them were marked by certain spontaneity.

Penki Kontinentai has succeeded in strengthening its position in the market and present innovative solutions aimed at business management and optimization. Solutions like these, together with the outsourcing services, were the most marketable for Lithuania companies and many other countries undergoing the economic downturn.

Certainly, there is always room for perfection; however, we have achieved the objectives we had raised early in the year. After all, the control exercised on time is the most important in business and certainty regarding the future and purposeful pursuit of objectives.

What gladdened you the most in the year 2009, what would you wish to remember, and what would you prefer to forget or change?

What gladdened me the most was the fact that the company’s staff and many others with whom I have business matters started to understand how important it is to set certain goals, priorities, and reach for them insistently and, to study persistently. However, it is disappointing that only now this was understood.

It seems odd how many ordinary people and people in business stopped trying, and many companies announced bankruptcy. After all, the most important thing is to focus, mobilize all efforts, and move onwards. All problems are temporary, and the crisis has affected not only us but many other states, as well.

At this time, we need to pay the most attention to reducing social tension, taking care of the most vulnerable social groups, and to put political ambitions aside. Seeing that they are taken care of, people would definitely not want to leave the country.

In 2009, the Lithuanian economy suffered a great downturn. The crisis affected many foreign countries, as well. How did this influence the Penki Kontinentai group?

Among more than 60 countries of the world in which the group’s solutions and services are supplied, quite a few suffered only mild damage. As an example, let’s take Azerbaijan. The country’s vast natural resources, a convenient geographical location, and a balanced economy let the country escape major difficulties. Our company in Azerbaijan is doing no worse than it did earlier.

Nevertheless, we did experience certain changes. First of all, the business structure has changed as we had reoriented some of the processes. Lately, business clients have reduced investments into new equipment; however, they have designated funds to optimize activity and structural alterations. We have directed our energy into creating new solutions and services, which are intended for these commodities. This advanced our business to a new level; new opportunities appeared for our clients, as well.

How do you assess the perspectives for the recovery of the Lithuanian economy?

Generally, I believe them to be positive. There is no need to be afraid of what is going on now. We should clearly evaluate the present situation in financial markets and look around at what is going on in neighboring states. I am certain that if only we intercept some of the EU countries’ experience, adapt particular legal acts, and preserve social stability, the country’s economy would shortly recover.

What would be the most important plans of Penki Kontinentai for the year 2010? What are the new technologies that users may expect?

I can guarantee that the company will continue to expand. As for our short-term goals, we plan to establish in new markets of countries like India. I am definite that in a distant, but pretty large country, we will implement several successful projects. We plan to develop both banking technologies and telecommunications services further.

In 2010 we will have quite a few technological innovations in the fields of biometrics and mobile connection. Continuing to attach more significance to personal data protection, voice authorization solutions should also develop.

There should also be some changes in the sphere of information spread. So far, we ourselves had to look for certain information and news from a general flow. Still, shortly we will receive all of the desirable news individualized and automatically selected according to our interest topics.

What would you wish for the year 2010?

I wish all to be secure for tomorrow, reach the set goals, and not be afraid of various difficulties. Moreover, tough health and endurance. All difficulties are temporary. We need to overcome ourselves and to look at the world with open eyes.

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