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Ashburn International to Present to the Asian Market the Solution for POS Terminals

The international exhibition of banking technologies, equipment, and services “BankTech’2009” is to be held in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on May 26-29, 2009. The companies from Penkių Kontinentų Bankinės technologijos (BS/2) and Ashburn International that provide outsourcing services for the banking and the retail sectors will participate in the sector’s biggest event in Central Asia.

The company Ashburn International will present solutions for POS terminals during the exhibition.

“Kazakhstan is the third Asian country, after Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan that I have visited during the latter three weeks.

Here, as in other countries, we can see a special interest to our outsourcing services. Since the demand for these services is so great, we will strengthen our positions in Kazakhstan and other countries, where the company has its representative offices or works through local partners,” says Idrak Dadashov, Chairman of the Board of Penki Kontinentai.

In his opinion, payment card authorization, postpaid and prepaid scenarios, loyalty systems, and FMV standard solutions presented by Ashburn International, the company of Penki Kontinentai Group, are particularly relevant to the local market.  During the meetings managers of largest banks were interested in transaction business and banking system management and analytical systems.

“Currently we occupy one third of Kazakhstan’s banking technology market, i.e. over 4500 ATMs, information terminals, and other self-service equipment,” says Idrak Dadashov, CEO of Penki Kontinentai.

In order to serve holders of different bank cards retail representatives have to install several POS terminals in one point of sale. Ashburn International offers a new solution for the retail sector of Central Asia, which enables to serve customers of several banks with one terminal. The transaction collection and processing center recognizes a payment card, processes the received data, and transfers a transaction to a specific bank.

During the exhibition, Ashburn International will present a demo project of the solution to participants of the company’s special conference and potential partners – АТFbank, Nurbank, and Centrkredit banks.

“This solution helps to optimize a useful area at points of sale and develop the network of POS terminals because several banks are served with the same terminal,” says Darius Simanavičius, director for commerce Ashburn International.

Ashburn International complies with the international data security standard PCI DSS, which applies to payment card authorization companies.

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