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Training in Vilnius for BS/2 Experts from Eight Countries

In Vilnius, a series of training activities for BS/2 personnel has begun. Professionals from Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Uzbekistan have come to Lithuania’s capital, where the company’s headquarters are located. During the working week, the specialists will participate in training programs to develop their skills, share knowledge and strengthen team spirit.

Idrakas Dadašovas, Penki Kontinentai Chairman of the Board, personally met the colleagues and welcomed them in the Lithuanian office:

We want to give everyone of you our attention and respect so that you feel valued and secure after this trip. Hope your stay will be both useful and pleasant.

During the week, BS/2 staff will participate in presentations of the following products:

Employees will be trained and inspired by both internal lecturers and guest speakers.

I will try to demonstrate to my colleagues the scenarios for deploying the ATM security software platform and dispute resolution on a new generation of self-service machines. I will also discuss my experience promoting the product to export markets, as well as share successful negotiation practices and problem-solving strategies. It will be useful to discuss joint projects and receive feedback from colleagues,

said Nerijus Žikas, Head of the software sales department.

Invited speakers will conduct training for BS/2 employees on leadership, as well as sales and project management. Participants will receive certificates. Siarhei Kraiko, the Head of product development at BS/2, will also talk to colleagues:

In today’s environment, training is a basic demand; professionals must constantly follow technological progress and learn. These training courses provide a helpful opportunity for participants to update their topic knowledge, interact with experts, and share their experiences. The practice of having joint training sessions for the entire organization helps us all be on the same information field, be on the same page. This helps us all understand where we are going and what we want to achieve. When it comes to project management, we use Agile principles as a basis. We focus on the product, communication with colleagues and clients, and transparency in our work.

The main purpose of such internship is to analyze successfully completed projects in different countries, identify current challenges and find solutions to them.

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