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SEB Bank Representatives Were The Best At BFI Cup 2016 International Tennis Tournament

Some 80 participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Switzerland convened at the 9th BFI (or Banks and Financial Institutions) Cup 2016 international tennis tournament, which was held November 19-20 at Vilnius SEB Arena.

For two days, tennis amateurs competed in singles, doubles, and team events. The final score showed that the winner was SEB Bank (Lithuania) with 58 points. The second place went to the Belarusian BELFIN team (43 points) and the third place – to Lithuania‘s Danske Bank representatives (40 points).

SEB Bank Board Chairman Raimondas Kvedaras welcomed the growing number of tournament participants as well as their professionalism. “I am glad that more and more players from more countries meet in this tournament with each coming year – and their level is also improving. This year it was fascinating to compete with Belarusian players who came seriously prepared and performed very well. But, despite the strong competition, we have become BFI Cup winners for the second time in a row – and we are sincerely excited about it,” Mr. Kvedaras said.

For the first time, Belarusians who participated in the BFI tournament made a joint bankers‘ and financiers‘ team. As its leader, KM Group manager Igor Kushnersky said, the cup itself is a good tradition – and a nice opportunity to socialize. “It is wonderful that such events for amateurs take place. We are happy with the invitation and the opportunity to compete on the tennis courts – and to socialize with our colleagues from the neighboring countries,” Mr. Kushnersky said.

The Green Media company organized the BFI Cup tournament. For the 6th consecutive year, the event was sponsored by Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2).

BFI Cup 2016 Results

Women Under 35:

1. Daiva Uosytė Danske Bank
2. Dovilė Revutaitė SEB Lithuania
3. Gintarė Skrolienė Nordea

Women 35+:

1. Eva Nei Nordea
2. Inga Badikonienė SEB Lithuania
3. Aurelija Čenkutė Western Union

Women’s Doubles:

1. Jūratė Nedzinskienė & Daiva Uosytė Danske
2. Eva Nei & Gintarė Skrolienė Nordea
3. Dovilė Revutaitė & Inga Badikonienė SEB Lithuania

Men Under 35:

1. Oleg Lavrikov SEB Latvia
2. Vytautas Jakučionis SEB Lithuania
3. Benitas Jonikas Turto Bankas

Men 35+:

1. Maris Silitis Swedbank
2. Aivars Kristapsons SEB Latvia
3. Dmitry Volchek BELFIN

Men 45+:

1. Igoris Ryklys Swedbank
2. Vaidotas Aleksius Turto Bankas
3. Sulev Raudsepp Nordea

Men 55+:

1. Igor Kushnerski BELFIN
2. Robertas Urbonavičius Danske
3. Ural Latypov BELFIN

Men’s doubles:

1. Alexander Panasik & Nikita Mikhnevitch BELFIN
2. Raimondas Kvedaras & Eigintas Vedrickas SEB Lithuania
3. Martins Kozlovskis & Maris Silitis Swedbank

TOP group:

1. Laurynas Antropikas Orion Securities, UAB FMI
2. Stanislav Rabinovich SEB Latvia
3. Edgars Rauza DNB Latvia

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