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Proactive and effective CashManagement in a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global economic downturn. It made banks think about anti-crisis measures to reduce costs without loss of services provided quality.

One of these cost items is the CIT-collection and attraction of financial resources to replenish self-service devices with cash.

BS/2 specialists held a webinar “Cash Management in a Pandemic: From Theory to Practice.” In this webinar, we talk about:

  • how cash circulation has changed in different countries in the pandemic;
  • what actions can banks take today to optimize their CIT-collection costs and costs of raising cash to replenish all objects of the cash circulation ecosystem;
  • how specialized software contributes to the optimal cash distribution at terminal self-service devices.

We demonstrated how the Cash Management.iQ solution works and what benefits financial institutions can get when using it during the webinar. This solution provides you with self-service devices cash monitoring and makes forecasts about cash balance in self-service devices in real-time. It can help you to plan CIT-collection in time and offers optimal routes for it. The Cash Management.iQ software solution is also integrated with Sargent & Greenleaf’s A-Series access solution, which allows generating and distributing access codes for electronic locks installed on terminal safes as a part of the CIT-collection order Cash Management.iQ system.

We are pleased to share our experience and hope that this information will be interesting and useful to the banking sector representatives. To get a link to the webinar, please leave your contact details.

For any questions about the Cash Management.iQ software solution, you can contact our company representatives.

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