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Cartu Bank will be the first in Georgia to start serving customers through DN Series ATMs

Cartu Bank Georgia has become the first financial institution in the country that will be ready to offer its customers a brand-new user experience for self-service banking operations. The bank signed an agreement with BS/2 for the supply of the latest DN Series ATMs.

Cartu Bank has a fleet of self-service devices numbering up to 60 units. Partly, the new delivery of 17 ATMs will contribute to the expansion of the network of automated service points, and partly – will allow to replace the existing equipment.

“With the delivery of the new ATM models DN200A and DN250A, Cartu Bank will be able to increase the availability of cash withdrawal service for the convenience of its customers. We are glad that the newest DN Series devices will appear in Georgia starting this year. We are sure this is just the beginning of the modernization of the self-service channel of Cartu Bank and other financial institutions in the region,” said Kornelijus Šišla, Commerical Director of BS/2.

“Development of remote service channels is an important component of ecosystem formation and allows increasing the convenience of using various banking services. Cartu Bank strives to provide its clients with the most convenient services and facilitate daily operations, especially cash withdrawals. The concept of modern DN Series ATMs perfectly corresponds to the bank’s philosophy and we are glad that we can significantly upgrade our fleet of self-service devices”, said David Galuashvili, Chief Operating Officer from Cartu Bank.

Just like the current fleet of ATMs, the new devices will be protected with the ATMeye.iQ solution. Cartu Bank has been using ATMeye.iQ for 8 years, upgrading the system in 2019 to centralize the remote collection of photos, videos, and electronic log data from all ATMs in use.

DN Series ATMs were introduced by Diebold Nixdorf in mid-2019. BS/2 supplies and services this equipment in the Caucasus region, Central Asia, and the Baltic countries.

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