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BS/2 launches a festive interface on ATM screens in Moldova

This winter, Victoriabank ATMs in Moldova greet customers with Christmas music and animation. For the holiday season, a particular user interface has been designed with ProFlex4 software. 

Outdated ATM models do not support dynamic elements on their screens, whereas modern Diebold Nixdorf DN Series equipment allows the introduction of interactive scenarios. The project was inspired by the signs of the approaching Christmas and New Year. 

Snowfall on the screens and congratulations from Santa Claus  

Earlier this year, Victoriabank purchased 100 new DN Series ATMs. ProFlex4 and Vynamic View, along with the security and customer dispute resolution platform ATMeye.IQ, are being implemented on the devices. A festive atmosphere was created by adding animation to the ATM displays using the ProFlex4 multimedia scenario customization feature. On the screens, users can see how the snow is falling and how Santa Claus is waving his hand.  

A dynamic ATM screen not only attracts attention but also makes navigation during transactions easier. Interactive elements help users choose the appropriate service by indicating the next step the client should take. UX creatives made the ATM interface more understandable and evoked positive emotions, as in the case of VictoriaBank. 

Interactive scenarios gain popularity 

In addition to selling and maintaining banking hardware and software, BS/2 competencies also cover scriptwriting software. For Victoriabank customers, this engaging New Year’s Eve scenario turned out to be one of the most memorable ones. The Vynamic View solution’s feature allowed the New Year interface to be remotely downloaded on ATMs. 

ProFlex4 software is a product developed by Diebold Nixdorf, a leading company in the banking technology industry. The Proflex4 functionality enables the creation of dynamic user interfaces and the development of original self-service device interaction scenarios. 

BS/2 has acted as Diebold Nixdorf’s official distributor throughout the Baltic States, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus. 

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