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Vynamic Marketing. How to attract new customers and personalize ads using ATMs

Restrictive measures related to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way banks serve their customers. ATMs and other terminal devices have become a real alternative to traditional services in bank branches.

To achieve this, banks implement the Smart ATM concept, transforming their self-service devices into smart ATMs, which are more than just cash machines. Smart ATM provides multiple services, such as money transfers, currency exchange, bill payment, purchase of goods, pre-staged withdrawals, etc.

Personalization is a strategy to overcome banner blindness.

This concept significantly reduces the cost of customer service, but it is associated with certain challenges. The main challenges are how to attract new customers and maintain the quality of interaction with existing ones.

The financial institution receives less customer feedback due to the lack of personalization typical of remote service channels. As a result, the bank pays less attention to customer problems and needs, missing out on the opportunity to offer him the product that is most likely to interest him. However, the situation can be compensated for by targeted approaches to each segment of the customer base and a flexible strategy for promoting banking products through self-service devices.

As the concentration of the ATM user’s attention during the operation is very high, so it is a good moment to offer him additional services. Personalized and interactive marketing content on ATM shown to the right customer at the right time is perceived without negativity and has a far greater impact than standard advertising.

Besides, advertising messages on the terminal alternate with a standard system and information messages, which creates a natural environment for the device user to perceive information and makes it possible to make advertising native.

Vynamic Marketing – automation of advertising and informational content management at ATMs

Many financial institutions have already been displaying advertisements in one form or another on the screens of ATMs, payment kiosks, and other terminals for a long time. In most cases, the launch of such advertising requires the technical support specialists’ involvement. It does not give marketers and banking business development specialists the necessary flexibility to conduct segmented campaigns and check their effectiveness (A/B testing).

Creation of interactive campaigns within which it is possible to get feedback (for example, a client leaves a request) forces the bank to divert significant IT resources to solve this problem or involve third-party specialists.

To optimize these processes, Diebold Nixdorf has developed a marketing campaign management platform Vynamic Marketing. The platform allows banks to centralize and automate displaying advertising and information messages for different groups of ATM users, implement scenarios of personalized interactive advertising, processing data received from the card system, core banking system, or CRM system of the bank.

Vynamic Marketing provides wide opportunities for targeted promotion of banking and partner products, delivering operational information to each client of a bank, teaching ATM users how to use new ATM functions. Simultaneously, the change in advertising content and the management of advertising display can be transferred to the marketing department specialists since it does not require intervention in the logic of the self-service devices.

How does it work?

Using Vynamic Marketing, the terminal network owner can effectively and targeted promote products and services on self-service devices without high financial and labor costs. The implementation of this software does not require an increase in system resources on the device side; moreover, special tools can reduce the load on the network to optimize the work with media files.

1.     Targeting ads by specified parameters

Communication with the terminal user is built under the information received about him. As a source of this information, Vynamic Marketing can use any database (including the processing center and the core banking system). Also, Vynamic Marketing can be integrated with a CRM system to automate data transfer and enrich CRM with unloading customer reactions to advertising.

Vynamic Marketing provides an opportunity to target ads for both different groups and individual users. The ATM screen content may differ depending on the type of user (client or non-client), place, region where the ATM is installed, time, day of the week, and other parameters.

When launching an advertising campaign, the administrator chooses which user group, at which ATMs, and at what time it will be shown. Note that with Vynamic Marketing, you can advertise your brand, products, and services even when the ATM is idle. In this case, the administrator can also customize the display of different ads depending on the day and time.

2.     Personalized advertising

Using information from databases, with the help of Vynamic Marketing, it’s possible not only to segment users according to various criteria but also to offer them personalized advertising, which they need most at the moment, thus increasing their loyalty.

For example, if a customer’s card is about to expire, the bank may remind it and offer to order a new card at the ATM before, during, or after an operation.

Different levels of ad personalization are possible. They depend on the source of the user data.

  • Personalization according to the card system data (name and surname of the holder, card validity period, operational data on limits, card class, card product type).
  •  Personalization according to core banking system data (availability of bank accounts (including non-card ones), various banking products using, the date of the conclusion of the service agreement and the date of its expiration, funds movement information, the cardholder’s birthday).
  •  Personalization according to CRM system data (marketing segment of the client, products offered to the client, etc.).

 3.     Feedback

An important advantage of advertising on ATMs is the ability to receive feedback from ATM users immediately. Various forms can be used for feedback: a menu to choose an answer, entering or confirming an e-mail or mobile phone number, etc.

Seeing the customer reactions to advertising, the bank can evaluate an advertising campaign’s success, customize and adjust it right in the process to achieve a greater effect.

Vynamic Marketing to advertise on your ATMs

BS/2 provides services for the supply, implementation, and support of the Vynamic Marketing solution. We also consult on developing and implementing advertising campaigns, administration of the marketing content at ATMs and other self-service devices.

We offer a flexible approach to delivering a Vynamic Marketing solution. It can be deployed either in the customer’s infrastructure or in the BS/2 cloud in compliance with all banking industry security measures and requirements.

To learn more about the product and its capabilities or get a consultation on its use, please contact our company representatives.

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