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Upgraded cash flow management solution “Cash Logistics.iQ”

Company “Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos” (BS/2) has updated its cash flow management solution “Cash Logistics.iQ”. New features will enable retail companies, banks, and other financial institutions to manage their cash flows, reduce potential risks, save costs and analyze, and forecast processes that take place in cash dispensing/accepting machines more effectively.

The new “Cash Logistics.iQ” version was upgraded with an ATM map; reporting system was expanded by adding a feature that enables receiving more detailed data on the equipment’s state. All this facilitates ATM networks’ administration, helps eliminate disruptions of cash dispensing/accepting operations quickly and further enhances ATMs’ accessibility for users.

Users will view the entire area in which cash dispensing/accepting machines operate with “Bing Maps” on their computers or tablet computers. Moreover, the solution makes it possible to choose a specific region to be monitored. On the map, green color is used to mark machines operating smoothly. Yellow color notifies about changes of indicators. In contrast, red color warns in real-time about any disruptions in a specific device. This allows responding to a problem expeditiously and solving it before the customer experiences any discomfort.

By clicking on an individual machine on the map, you will be able to obtain full information about it: address, the amount of cash in the machine, the number of issued and accepted banknotes, distribution of different currencies, the last transaction performed, etc. Statistics for the selected period is also presented in other formats (charts, diagrams, tables). If necessary, it is possible to include any indicators you would like to monitor in this database.

Another new feature of “Cash Logistics.iQ” is an extended messaging system that sends notifications to responsible persons. Employees are notified by e-mail or audible signal on their computer when the machine can be refilled; refilling was performed or completed an hour later than planned. This helps to administer the operation of cash dispensing/accepting units, save costs and analyze, and improve the cash flow management process.

Shortly, the new “Cash Logistics.iQ” solution is installed in Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian financial institutions.

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