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The Revolution From Diebold Nixdorf. A New Line of DN Series ATMs Was Presented

This week, Diebold Nixdorf, the world leader in banking technologies, announced the long-awaited new DN Series ATM line. 7 new self-service devices were presented in three classes: Lobby, Through-the-Wall (TTW) ATMs, and Drive-Up ATMs.

Diebold Nixdorf implemented leading-edge technological trends of recent years related to self-service in these devices. ATMs are equipped with:

  • Fingerprint’s scanner for biometric authorization;
  • NFC-reader;
  • ETS PinPad
  • Modern multi-touch touchscreen display.

The RM4 recycling module deserves special mention. It’s a fourth-generation device responsible for cash in, cash out, and cash processing. Long-term hard work allowed the manufacturer to achieve impressive performance indicators:

  • to increase the module reliability by 40 percent;
  • to increase the capacity of cassettes by 2 times when cash depositing (from 2000 to 4000 banknotes);
  • to increase the possibility of depositing or withdrawing up to 300 banknotes per transaction
  • to use up to 8 cassettes.

These recycling module features make the new Diebold Nixdorf devices the obvious market leaders in their class. It is expected that new ATMs will be available for order in the first half of 2020.

What do the new Diebold Nixdorf ATMs look like?

1. Lobby ATMs (DN Series 100, DN Series 200, DN Series 400)

It‘s a line of self-service devices intended for placement in bank branches, shopping centers, and other similar locations. The Lobby ATMs line is represented by three series: DN Series 100, DN Series 200, and DN Series 400. The last two series include both ATM dispensers and cash recycling systems. The difference in class is due to additional advanced features, such as biometric data, a document scanner, etc.

DN Series 100, DN Series 200, DN Series 400

2. Through-the-Wall ATMs (DN Series 250, DN Series 450)

Through-the-Wall ATMs are represented by two groups of devices: DN Series 250 and DN Series 450. The manufacturer promises to release both a cash dispenser and a recycling version of these models.

DN Series 250, DN Series 450

3. Drive-Up ATMs (DN Series 470, DN Series 490)

Diebold Nixdorf introduced the new line of Drive-Up ATMs. DN Series 490 gives the ATM network owner more flexibility in placing the devices. Drivers can use the terminals of this type without leaving the car. A TTW version of this ATM was also implemented in DN Series 470.

DN Series 470, DN Series 490

All announced devices are compatible with the entire Diebold Nixdorf Vynamic Software portfolio. It includes ATM security solutions, mobile transaction processing, e-banking solutions, and extensive marketing opportunities.

You can find more information about the new line of ATMs in the manufacturer’s materials.

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