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The Improved SmartSafe.iQ: Expanded Functionality, a New User Interface

SmartSafe.iQ is a unique automatic control system for automated teller‘s safes and other peripherals intended to automate cash flow operations in banks, post offices, etc. It facilitates and accelerates the cashiers‘ work, helps to control cash flows, and prevent fraud.

To optimize cashiers’ work, the system was equipped with a particular module that allows automating the currency exchange. Earlier, to exchange currency, the cashier had to perform two financial transactions: to take cash, put it in the deposit box, and then take the appropriate amount in one or another currency from the deposit box – and hand it over to the client.

With the updated SmartSafe.iQ system, only one financial transaction is needed. The system performs the exchange and withdraws the right amount in the desired currency itself. Moreover, the clients now have the opportunity to observe the cashier‘s work on the display. This allows making financial transactions transparent and more understandable.

It is possible to integrate the Smartsafe.iQ solution with the new iCASH 15E cash dispenser from Diebold Nixdorf, a safe, simple, and ergonomic device controlling cash flows in banks and the retail sector.

Apart from the added SmartSafe.iQ functionality, the developers have created a custom web interface. Previously, to install an ATS automation system, additional software and a powerful PC were required; now, cashiers can use a regular or portable computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. They need to get connected to their network account. The custom web interface is adapted for most browsers, such as Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

These SmartSafe.iQ improvements facilitate and accelerate the cashiers‘ work and reduce the number of possible errors and save technical equipment budgets in companies that use ATSs in their work.

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