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The Criminals Engaged in Data Capture were Detected by Using ATM Monitoring and Security Solutions

Using monitoring and surveillance solutions offered by BS/2 Company for self-service bank equipment, a criminal group installing data capture devices in the ATMs was detected in Riga.

The security of one of commercial banks in Latvia was notified of the potential threat to ATMs. Using monitoring solution, in the remote manner the identities of risk-group card users, whose data was stolen, were established. Moreover, using the pictures taken by ATMeye.iQ, surveillance and conflicts with customers regulation solution installed in the ATM, the suspects were also detected.

Two of the criminals – a citizen of Estonia and previously convicted citizen of Bulgaria – were detained by the police at the crime scene. Their third accomplice (also a citizen of Estonia) was captured later on. After the search, card data capture equipment was found on the detainees. The fourth criminal managed to escape – his search was started. According to the officers carrying out the investigation, the criminal group committed similar crimes not only in Latvia, but also in Estonia.

In recent years, a rise in the number of crimes related to self-service devices was being observed in Europe. According to the data of the non-governmental organisation EAST, in 2008, 10.3 thousand cases of data capture were registered. Thus, financial institutions adopt increasingly active measures to fight such crime. One of the preventive means is security systems, such as the monitoring and self-service devices network management solution offered by BS/2.

Lithuanian company BS/2, creating software solutions for preventing crime related to self-service devices to financial and retail sales companies, also offers video surveillance and conflicts with customers regulation system ATMeye.iQ.

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