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SmartSafe: the Solution that Helps to Ensure Cash Management Optimization

The ongoing economic downturn both in the country and in the whole world has a great impact on the activity of institutions that offer financial services. Banks more often seek for new and effective ways to optimize work, which would help achieve the greatest efficiency of the activities performed. Since banks’ cash operations are characterized by extremely high level, usually last longer and require employees with especially high qualification degree, banks demonstrate an increasing interest in organizing cash flows of the subsidiaries.

BS/2, a company operating internationally in the banking sector, offers an integrated solution of the problem, consisting of the automatic hardware and its control system SmartSafe. Currently this solution is installed and successfully operates in various banks of different regions.

Examples of the banks that have installed the SmartSafe software show the economic effect of 10 – 20 per cent. By applying the integrated solution (automatic hardware and its control system), the efficiency can increase even up to 50 – 60 per cent. Increase of efficiency for operations performed for the most part depends on the type of prevailing operations (cash out/ cash in) and characteristics of the client flow (for example, a time when the number of clients in the bank is considerably greater and when it is very small). The type of hardware and software used is one of the determinants of the efficiency of operations performed.

The bank that chooses to install the SmartSafe software has the potential to expand the spectrum of services, improve the quality of them, and considerably reduce the risk of possible mistakes. The prevention of unauthorized operations is also implemented using the SmartSafe software.

The uniqueness of the SmartSafe software solution, created by the company BS/2, consists of its characteristic to operate together with automatic cashiers’ safes provided by almost all the manufacturers, when having any of the banking systems installed. SmartSafe characterized in easily applicable users interface, including the usage of local language, complete integration into the banking system, as well as easy software administration and maintenance.

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