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“Service Desk.iQ” solution: guarantee of a smooth hardware operation

A company, “Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos” (BS/2), has updated its “Service Desk.iQ” solution designed for the automation of hardware maintenance. Updated version 1.2.2 of the product has significantly expanded the mechanism for the planning and performance of tasks, facilitating specialists’ work carrying out the maintenance. The new version of “Service Desk.iQ” will be introduced in a banking technology exhibition “Wincor Nixdorf” that will take place in Germany at the end of January.

The updated “Service Desk.iQ” solution ensures detailed scheduling of hardware maintenance, support, and repair tasks, which helps engineers and other responsible employees plan the performance of their working duties and control the work’s execution. Before arriving at the site, engineers can remotely check/view the history of work performed on the device (object, date of repairs, etc.) and check the device’s configuration on their mobile phones. Moreover, the new version has an improved acceptance mechanism conforming to the ISO 20 000 standards’ changes.

Having received a task, employees can use the updated “Service Desk.iQ” solution to view all the information about the device (e.g., printer, monitor model, operating time of parts, operation of installed modules, etc.). It is also possible to view all scheduled operations and their schedule: period for repairing a specific device (e.g., depending on business hours of the sales outlet or other site, where the device is located).

Version 1.2.2 of “Service Desk.iQ” enables the user to identify a self-service device’s location and plan a route to the device via the navigation system. The operator will also be able to determine or specify the coordinates of the device accurately. File attachment option and the ability to send pictures from the device via the “Service Desk.iQ” system is another new time-saving feature.

It is also important to note that engineers replacing parts of the device will install and dismantle only the details specified in the order and meet the specific device’s technical requirements. Moreover, the system monitors the life cycle of all parts enabling the specialists to check the exact operating time, the previous and current location of each component, which facilitates hardware maintenance and accounting.

We want to note that the mobile solution “Mobile Service Desk.iQ” was also updated. Its users can now benefit from a new graphic interface that ensures simpler and more convenient management of the solution.

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