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Service Desk.iQ Evaluated in the International Market

The Ukrainian company engaged in delivering ATMs and related technical solutions has successfully applied the Service Desk.iQ solution for business process automation offered by BS/2.

The growth of business and its infrastructure make it necessary to seek the best and most convenient way to manage the growing information flows and tasks. The company serving an extensive network of ATMs and other self-service devices has chosen Service Desk.iQ for its specific modules combination when one solution provides many important business tasks. Thus, the Ukrainian company has improved the quality of its ATM services.

“The effectiveness of the solution is tested not only in the foreign market but also inside BS/2, where, after the application of Service Desk.iQ, productivity has grown – so, it is perfect for banks, retail, and other enterprises,” says the BS/2 Deputy Head of Maintenance Department Andrej Smirnov.

Service Desk.iQ was appraised for its innovation and application range in the international market – In Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, and Estonia.

The solution’s multifunctionality largely determined this recognition – its modules optimize the company’s logistics, monitor the resources, keep records, fix faults, find answers, and help perform other tasks. This increases labor productivity, reduces costs, and optimizes the distribution of tasks.

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