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Self-service of the banks of the future.Overview of new DN Series ATMs

A year ago, one of the leading manufacturers of banking hardware and a developer of banking software solutions, Diebold Nixdorf, announced the launch of a new line of DN Series ATMs. The Intersect conference participants held in Las Vegas in September 2019 were first to see new terminals and their functionality for the first time. For the first time in the post-Soviet space, ATMs were demonstrated at the Banking Fusion conference held in Tashkent in November 2019. Some models of DN Series ATMs have been available in some countries since the beginning of 2020.

DN Series is a complete solution for the main tasks of the banking self-service channel. The technological concept is based on an extension of the standard set of services provided through ATMs and the integration of devices with a banking organization’s digital platforms to create an integrated and organic customer service ecosystem.

DN Series ATMs feature not only a modern design. Devices use a fundamentally new cash processing mechanism, allowing for increased self-service devices’ availability and uninterrupted operation. In addition to this, the new Diebold Nixdorf line devices have implemented all the main self-service technological trends of the industry in recent years.

As for the additional peripheral hardware, the DN Series ATMs can be equipped with:

  • A fingerprint scanner (for biometric authorization)
  • An NFC reader (for mobile devices)
  • An ETS-PIN Pad (for safe and convenient input of a PIN-code and other data)
  • A modern multi-touch display.

All this allows for the extension of authentication functions and the portfolio of services that a bank can offer through self-service devices, reducing customer service time and offering customers an absolutely different user experience.

DNSeries 100D – an ultracompact cashdispenser ATM

One of the main distinguishing features of the DN Series 100D ATM is compactness. DN Series 100D is perhaps one of the smallest ATMs on the market today. The device’s dimensions: 1270 mm x 420 mm x 692 mm (height, width, length). This means that it occupies an area of only 0.29 square meters.

Such a terminal is ideal for installation in small shops and bank branches, in roofed mini-markets, and other premises with a limited area. The small size of the ATM mustn’t limit its functionality: DN Series 100D is a full-fledged ATM with a cash dispensing function and complies with the global standard for safety and service reliability.

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DN Series 200H – an ergonomic office ATM recycler

The DN Series 200H is the most compact ATM with a recycling system from the new Diebold Nixdorf line. Dimensions: 1445 mm x 450 mm x 1035 mm (height, width, length). That is, it occupies only 0.47 square meters of floor space. The device also features enhanced anti-vandal protection and can be installed indoors with a large flow of people: in shopping centers and other public spaces.

This model retained the technological concept of CS 4040, one of Diebold Nixdorf ATMs, which caught both banks and end-users fancy. Simultaneously, the ATM was made in a new, more ergonomic design and equipped with a sufficiently large display to offer an absolutely new user experience. At the major international competition, the Red Dot 2019, the DN 200 ATM received the best design award. The jury noted Diebold Nixdorf ATMs, choosing them from 5500 other candidate products.

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DN Series 400H – a flagship ATM recycler

The manufacturer’s technological concept of yet another best-selling CS 4060 was embodied in the Series DN 400H ATM. Before developing the new product line, the CS 4060 was perhaps the most popular ATM model on the market. The device (like other DN Series ATM recyclers) uses the fourth generation RM4H cash recirculation module with increased capacity cassettes developed by Diebold Nixdorf itself, which allows for an increase in the efficiency of the self-service device operation on average by 40%.

It is expected that due to the application of the latest Diebold Nixdorf technological developments, a modern design, and reliable hardware components that have proved their efficiency over many years of operation of the CINEO/CS line, the DN Series 400H will be able to surpass the success of its “elder brother” in the future.

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DN Series 250H – an ergonomic through the wall ATM recycler

Continuing analogies with the CINEO line from Diebold Nixdorf makes sense to compare the DN Series 250H model with the popular through the wall CS 4560 ATM. The new series device takes up almost two times less space than its previous generation analog. The ATM boasts high anti-vandal protection, which makes this terminal suitable for customer service on the street.

One more important advantage is the aforementioned new RM4H recirculation module, which operates with high-capacity cassettes. Thus, the DN Series 250H recycling cassette capacity is up to 2400 banknotes (like in CS 4560). However, the new device also uses an additional all-in cassette with a capacity of 4000 banknotes, which significantly extends the banknote storage features of the ATM.

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DN Series 450H – a through the wall ATM recycler

In the course of the development of the DN Series 450H model, the manufacturer took into account the wishes of many financial organizations operating all over the world who sought to provide a full range of banking services in areas with a large flow of people: shopping centers, airports, railway stations, and underground railways. This through-the-wall ATM is ideal for serving customers outside bank branches.

Reliable anti-vandal protection of the device allows for a significant extension of the choice of installation locations. In addition to this, it is worth noting that this model can be supplied with a large (19 inch) display and additional peripheral hardware (e. g., a document scanner), which enhances the terminal user experience.

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DN Series 470C – a multifunctional through the wall drive-up ATM

As the largest ATM manufacturer globally, Diebold Nixdorf could not ignore the drive-up type’s self-service devices, which is popular in many countries of the world. Due to their design features, such terminals are available for customers’ operation without getting out of a car.

The DN Series 470C through the wall ATM is a reliable device with the CMD-V6C cash processing module, which allows for cash acceptance and cash withdrawal and the provision of users with several additional services (account replenishment, payment acceptance, money transfers, and much more).

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DN Series 490C – a multi-functional stand-alone drive-up ATM

It is worth noting another DN Series 490C drive-up ATM, which can be installed as a stand-alone automated banking service point in the street or the territory of a large retail outlet. Reliable anti-vandal protection of devices of this model and their protection against other negative external factors allow financial organizations to flexibly approach the choice of places for installation of these service points.

DN Series 490C is a new implementation of the technological concept embodied in the CS 2590 model, popular in many countries. The model is available in different configurations: with 17 or 19-inch displays.

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More innovations – more opportunities

It is important to note that the new DN Series ATM line operates with various application software types, including the Vynamic Connection Points multi-vendor platform. This software solution allows for implementing many hardware functions and a radical revision of user experience principles (UI/UX) resulting from the interaction between the customer and a self-service device.

Contact the representatives of the BS/2 company for more information on specific models and their configurations for different countries.

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