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Penki Kontinentai Has Published Book on Cash Circulation

Recently, the Penki Kontinentai Group has published the book “Modern video security platforms in the banking industry” by Takhmasib Dadashev, and today we can already get acquainted with his other work. The book “Cash Management: History and Horizons” was not accidentally released before the BS/2 and ASHBURN International representatives to Georgia, where the Europe Cash Cycle Seminar is currently taking place. The Global Forum on the Cash Regulation, Distribution, and Circulation is an excellent opportunity to present a new publication to the target audience.

A new book by Takhmasib Dadashev reveals to the reader the history of money’s existence. Starting from 3,000 years ago BC, when the shekel (180 barley kernels) became the smallest change unit in Mesopotamia until the first paper banknotes and our days. Long experience proves that cash is the only universally available payment method, disregarding of person’s income or age. So even today, banknotes are a reliable guarantee of stability in an unstable economy.

Even though payment cards, electronic payments, and online services have become the realities of modern life, non-cash payments cannot oust cash from circulation completely. The total global amount of cash grew by 0.7% last year, so financial institutions and retailers are looking for innovative cash management tools.

Of course, cash handling is quite expensive (production, transportation, security, etc.) and involves risks. The book presents a comprehensive analysis of various modern tools for automating and optimizing cash management, both from technical and organizational processes.

The author pays special attention to Cash Management.iQ solution. BS/2 developed the software for efficient cash management within the infrastructure of banking and trade organizations. Various modules of the system allow not only to predict the demand for cash at each point and monitor the collection progress. An integrated approach allows companies to reduce the daily cash turnover costs, contributing to their competitiveness in the market.

If you are interested in technical solutions that allow optimizing the processes of cash recalculation, storage, and transportation, as well as digital currencies and their development prospects, you can download the digital version of the book “Cash Management: History and Horizons” by clicking on the link below.

Book in English

Book in Russian

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