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Payments.iQ Certified by Compass Plus

In late 2011, the BS/2 company, a member of the Penki Kontinentai Group, which has been developing and providing software solutions for the banking sector and the retail sector for over ten years, successfully tested the Payments.iQ solution and received a certificate (#11-166) from the Compass Plus company. The certificate confirms that Payments.iQ v2.5.x.x is completely compatible and may be used with the TWO VTBI Telebank software from Compass Plus.

Payments.iQ is a member of the .iQ family, created by BS/2, a family of business process management and monitoring products designed for the financial sector. The products belonging to this family allow collecting and processing business information and optimizing the decision-making process. Payments.iQ helps extend the standard functionality of self-service devices (ATMs, information kiosks, payment terminals, etc.) with new popular functions (payment, money transfer, e-banking services, etc.), ensuring an effective and dynamic extension of financial services provided by financial institutions.

It is worth noting that Payments.iQ complies with all the international standards, including PCI PA DSS V2.0 (Reference #: 11-07.0058.001). Apart from that, this module is compatible (and has been successfully working, for 3 years) with solutions from the „OpenWay Group“ company.

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