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Modern Video Security Platforms. Inside View

Video surveillance systems became an integral part of our daily life. Their popularity grows due to the rapid functionality expansion and technology improvement. Video surveillance is the key element of financial institutions’ security.

Author of the book “Modern video security platforms in the banking industry” Takhmasib Dadashev said that the growing demand for surveillance services could be explained by the growing number of ATM attack cases. In fact, in 2017, the ATM Malware-as-a-service emerged on the black market. It provided ready-to-use hacking solutions (including software and hardware) for self-service devices.

According to Takhmasib Dadashev, this new book, published in Russian and English, is a brief manual on surveillance, video security, and data protection in banking operations. Besides, the author tries to predict the trends that will define banking technology development in the coming years.

Specialists of the Penki Kontinentai group participated in the preparation of the book. For almost 30 years, they have been working in innovative solutions and technologies for the banking sector, particularly to protect self-service devices. Their developed software and hardware solution АТМеуе.iQ provides security and protection for about 80,000 self-service devices around the world.

We bring to your attention an interview with a writer, Associate Professor of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), the author of over 40 research articles and six books on innovative technologies, facial recognition, and programming.

— Takhmasibcould you tell the readers about your book?
— My new book is about video security systems, which are now everywhere. I hope that I managed to create a complete picture of this dynamic area. I am familiar with this topic due to previous work, as well as scientific publications. It was interesting to evaluate the technical progress over the past decades…

— Did something surprise you studying this issue? Did you discover something new, unexpected?
— Yes, it was interesting to read publications on the new class of so-called convolutional neural networks. What is trendy to call “artificial intelligence” has such networks in the main. Surprisingly, this technology copes with many image recognition tasks; previously, it could only partially be solved at the same level. Such tasks include facial recognition, speech intonation, and others.

— How do you think the security system will change in the future? Will biometrics gain popularity?
— The role of biometrics in video security systems will increase. For example, in China, this technology is so advanced that buyers in shopping centers can pay by their “face” thanks to the facial recognition system. There is no need for bank cards or fingerprint identification procedures.

— How do you imagine your reader?
— The book is destined for those interested in innovation and the history of the emergence and development of video surveillance systems and analytics. Everybody, who is looking for a video surveillance solution, will find in the book a detailed overview of the video security market. I expected that the reader would have some knowledge about modern technologies. It can be a little tricky for “humanitarians” to understand the full range of issues.

— Let’s fantasize about the bank and its client in the future.
— Most likely, there will be no bank in the traditional concept. It will be “everywhere and at any time” thanks to mobile technologies and biometrics. The bank’s customers can become anyone who has mastered new technologies. The leading world banks look for new business models in changing environments.

— Thanks for the interview. Looking forward to your next book. 

The subject of his new study is the problem of cash circulation in the world. He explores the technical solutions that allow banks and other companies to establish processes related to the recalculation, storage, and transportation of cash.


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