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Global Migration to ATMeye.iQ 2.0

Permanent product and service quality improvement is a priority of BS/2. All software solutions that we are bringing to the market help optimize our customer’s business processes revealing their rich functionality for users in the banking and financial services sectors and other industries.

The recent update of the ATMeye.iQ solution to the 2.0 version has significantly improved the system’s performance and security level: now it can work with about 14,000 ATMs in the same network.

The newest release of the software that incorporates the major changes at the technology side was reinforced with the following features:

  • An updated version of the application server (WildFly 9.0.2)
  • Support for MS SQL 2016 database
  • Centralized distribution of the terminal software licenses on the server-side
  • Optimization of the terminal agent to the ATMeye.iQ server communication channel ( separation of the communication channel).
  • Indication of the time on ATMeye.iQ server-side at the job creation wizard screens
  • Diebold Nixdorf Proflex 4.0 support
  • 10 times faster generation of Multiple Snapshot reports
  • Comprehensive event listing and sorting
  • More rapid generation of transaction lists

It should be mentioned that only usage of the up to date software will always allow you to implement the full software functionality and deal with various software vulnerabilities.

Striving to bring the best quality products to all our customers, BS/2 software sales and support teams highly recommend updating the ATMeye.iQ solution to the most current version to avoid possible technical issues with and incorrect operations of connected self-service devices.

We want to point to your attention that as we are discontinuing support for the older version of the ATMeye.iQ software starting from January 25, 2018, any support requests related to the ATMeye.iQ versions and earlier will not be accepted.

Customers who have signed the golden level technical support agreement can update the newest version of ATMeye.iQ free of charge. The BS/2 support team will provide all necessary assistance and consultancy services to make this step as smooth as possible.

All other customers are welcome to purchase an update of the ATMeye.iQ with a special discount that is valid until the end of this year.

BS/2 fully understands that migrating any software seems to be no easy task. Thus we want to make this step together with you. We ask all our customers to contact us. Our specialists will then provide all information about the tools that will allow us to organize a quick and safe upgrade of the system.

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