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FCX.iQ 2.0: new opportunities for currency exchange at ATMs

BS/2 has released updates for the FCX.iQ software solution, which is developed to provide a currency exchange function at ATMs. The new version provides additional options to manage exchange rates, administer terminal networks and identify ATM users.

1. Access rights differentiation by devices hierarchy

FCX.iQ allows you to combine ATMs into groups and subgroups, for each of which you can set different currency pairs and different exchange rates. ATMs can be grouped according to several criteria: bank affiliation, location, etc.

There are predefined roles of users performing various exchange rates managing: administrator, operator, supervisor. Different roles have different levels of access to information. The latest FCX.iQ version rolls out additional functions for better user access segregation. Now the super-admin can create separate ATM groups and appoint specific group admins who will have access only to their appointed ATM groups.

Only the super-admin has access to the entirety of information about all terminals and currency exchange services/rates and can manage device groups and device group admins. This ensures the preservation of confidentiality of information in cases when multiple organizations use the system at once.

2. Automatic course setting

In the previous version, all currency pairs and exchange rates were entered into the system manually. In the new version, we developed a special module (API) to request exchange rates directly from external systems (for example, core banking) with a preset frequency and automatically update them on self-service devices.

This module allows you to simplify and automate the exchange rates management, avoid errors when entering data, and always show ATMs’ current exchange rates.

3. User identification

In some countries, the law requires identifying users exchanging currencies. The new version of FCX.iQ provides this option.

One of the ways to do it is to scan the personal ID document using a special scanner. The ID-number is then sent to the regulator’s database, and after receiving confirmation, the self-service device allows the user to commence with the currency exchange. The data transfer uses high-level security protocols to ensure the safety of personal user information and prevent theft.

FCX.iQ for currency exchange at ATMs

At the moment, the new functionality is being tested in the infrastructure of some banks.

We provided a simple and quick migration procedure to the latest version of FCX.iQ for organizations using the previous version. The additional functionality of self-service devices helps increase the terminal network’s profitability, increases self-service terminal user loyalty, and attracts new customers.

To learn more about the new FCX.iQ features contact your local BS/2 representative.

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