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Face Detection: Extra ATM PIN Security

Every year, crimes associated with self-service devices become more sophisticated from a technical point of view. Nevertheless, one of the most common causes of bank customers’ financial losses is still an ordinary theft of a card and PIN code.

Unfortunately, not all banks agree to consider customer complaints and return money in causes where criminals withdrew cash using a stolen card or a stolen (skimmed or overheard) PIN code. Even if the bank agrees with the client’s case, police intervention will still be required. This process takes a lot of time and does not guarantee a refund.

That is why banks pay special attention to preventive measures: they do everything to prevent PIN code theft. They send PIN codes to customers in separate letters, warn them that PIN codes should not be stored near cards and should not be shared with others. ATM PIN pads have special shields to prevent PIN code theft, and ATMs have mounted security mirrors to let the user see if there is anyone behind him.

Unfortunately, all these protective measures are still not enough.

How can banks protect customers from PIN theft?

Nowadays, the popularity of BS/2 ATM security solution – ATMeye.iQ grows, and banks worldwide use this solution to protect self-service devices from fraudulent activities.

One of the modules of ATMeye.iQ – ATMeye.iQ Face Detection helps determine if there is a person in front of an ATM during an operation (you can read more about how the Face Detection module works and how it enhances ATMs security in our previous article).

ATMeye.iQ developers have added a new Multiple Face Detection function to the Face Detection module feature set. This function helps determine if they’re more than one person in front of an ATM.

As soon as the user approaches the ATM and starts using it, the camera takes a picture. The Face Detection module with the Multiple Face Detection function using biometrics immediately determines how many people are currently in front of the terminal. If the system finds more than one person, it starts one of the predefined scenarios: a warning message appears on the terminal screen, or a security script is activated. All this reduces the risk of theft of the PIN code by outside parties.

The Face Detection module with the Multiple Face Detection function can be integrated with any ATMeye.iQ online system that is already in use without any additional hardware updating.

To learn more about the capabilities of video analytics and biometric technologies, please, contact your BS/2 representatives.

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