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Discover New Functions of Self-Service Devices with Payment.iQ

The Internet has changed and is still changing common people’s lives and the business world. Many companies and banks worldwide have transferred part of their business to the virtual space: here, enterprises and their customers and partners employ the power of email, e-banking, Internet conferences, and various software solutions designed for business.

The BS/2 banking technology company, together with Kapital Bank, one of Azerbaijan’s largest and most influential banks, is currently implementing the Payment.iQ project. Its goal is to add e-banking functions ATMs and payment terminals. This is one of the first projects of its kind in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

According to Jevgenijus Žuljevas, a BS/2 representative, Payment.iQ will significantly extend the range of functions available to ATM users, turning the self-service device into an additional service provision channel.

“When this project is implemented, the same ATM will provide customers not only with the cash acceptance/dispensing functions but with the whole range of e-banking functions. This means that it will be possible to use an ATM to transfer money from one account to another, pay utility and other bills, recharge prepaid cards, etc. In a word, the number of potentially implementable functions is unlimited,” commented Žuljevas.

According to the expert, while similar attempts to add e-banking functions to self-service devices have been made before, the Payment.iQ solution is somewhat more flexible and universal. It is limited to the payment terminals of a particular vendor. It may be easily combined with products from various vendors, and it may be installed in other kinds of self-service devices and ATMs, and payment terminals, regardless of the system used. This is why it is not surprising that this solution has been attracting strong interest from banks and other financial institutions from Azerbaijan and other Eastern European and Central Asian countries.

The BS/2 company, a member of the Penki Kontinentai Group and has been operating on the banking technology market for over 16 years, specializes in providing banking operation optimization services and business process outsourcing services, develops and supplies software for ATMs and self-service devices, designed to optimize operation.

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