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CIT bags inventory management. New Cash Management.iQ feature

Comprehensive cash management involves centralized cash availability monitoring and demand forecasting for each connected cashpoint. Inventory and staff management are key to organize the efficient work of the CIT service.

The automated inventory management of CIT bags and other types of cash containers helps increase ATM cash collection management efficiency. It simplifies the ATM cash collection order significantly.

This feature will be available to the Cash Management.iQ users in the August release.

What does inventory management mean?

Using this feature, the system operator:

  • knows the number of the equipped bags and the number of the cassettes and banknotes in the cash vault;
  • gets data about the security seal number on each cassette and the bag;
  • can assign a separate bag for each cash order;
  • tracks the transfer of each bag to CIT officers.

Unique bags and seal numbers will be reflected in receipts and payments sheets and other accompanying documents. It allows banks to automate workflows and reduce the risk of operational errors when fulfilling the order for transporting cassettes.

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