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BS/2 Kazakhstan celebrates its 10th anniversary

Kazakhstan has the largest economic system in Central Asia. It is the world’s largest landlocked country and the ninth-largest in the world, with an area of 2,7 mln km2 and a population of 18.3 mln people. There are 28 banks, and the number of bank cards reached a record this year — 20.5 million. The Kazakhstan market is attractive to foreign investors and innovative technology companies such as Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), part of Penki kontinentai.

The history of BS/2 Kazakhstan, supplying and servicing the banking equipment in Kazakhstan, has been around for 10 years. December 23, 2008, is the official date of the BS/2 subsidiary establishment, but the Penki kontinentai group has been operating in this country’s market since 1999. It was a long way of overcoming various obstacles and conquering new peaks.

“The BS/2 work geography is constantly growing. Improvement of services and the introduction of new banking products stimulate the rapid development of the Kazakhstan financial market, which is attractive for us as suppliers of innovative equipment and software. We appreciate the intellectual potential of Kazakhstan and take part in exhibitions and forums held there. We organized an international conference IN TOUCH 2018 in Almaty together with the world leader in banking and retail solutions Diebold Nixdorf,” says BS/2 Deputy General Director Tomas Augucevičius.

According to him, BS/2 Kazakhstan cooperates with the largest commercial and state banks of Kazakhstan. It specializes in the supply and maintenance of banking equipment and the implementation of software solutions. BS/2 Kazakhstan occupies one of the leading positions in technical support and has a large network of service centers worldwide.

“BS/2 Kazakhstan has been operating in the market of Kazakhstan since 2008. Before that, we operated at the representation level. Today we have a large network of service centers and are the outsourcing market leader for the entire IT services range. Only this year, the company opened 12 additional service centers throughout the country. More than 10 thousand ATMs operate in the country; our specialists service 30 percent of them,” says Kairat Bekbaganbetov, director of BS/2 Kazakhstan.

Besides, the company conducts testing of various innovative solutions in Kazakhstan. BS/2 Kazakhstan plans to introduce new software for ATMs, which will ensure the possibility of withdrawing cash using a smartphone instead of a card and will allow financial institutions to add customized offers to customers.

Other projects are related to the monitoring and optimization of cash flow, biometric identification, and the use of contactless cards.

“Kazakhstan is the largest market of our work. We can talk about our success in this country for a long time: the professionalism, the individual approach to customers, and the innovative solutions. However, the basis, of course, is people — our employees and reliable partners. As a result of successful projects in Kazakhstan, the group’s income in the region increased by more than 3 times compared to the 2017 year,” says Anton Valinčius, BS/2 Regional Head.

Talking about the development of BS/2 Kazakhstan, he focused on the fact that the company has evolved from the equipment and IT services supplier to the banking technologies expert and financial institutions’ strategic partner. The company continues to invest in expanding the range of services. The competitive environment’s main thing is not to slow down the pace and to find creative ways of solving problems. New horizons, achievements, and discoveries await ahead!

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