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BS/2 Invites Residents of Vilnius to Evaluate the Temperature Detection Terminal

When visiting the Unified Customer Service Center of the municipality, Vilnius residents can evaluate the benefits of a new device offered by the Penki Kontinentai Group. The stationary temperature detection terminal is installed in the reception room of the municipality. Both visitors and employees can use it, the number of which reaches 800 people.

Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), a Penki Kontinentai Group member, represents the Lithuanian market the body temperature detection terminal. The complete inspection is done in seconds, without physical contact with high accuracy and in privacy.

“The first temperature detection terminals in the Penki Kontinentai office and Penki customer service center were installed during the first wave of COVID-19 in March. After evaluating the convenience and ease of use, we decided to offer such devices to organizations faced with managing large flows of visitors. Body temperature monitoring systems will be effective at airports and train stations, in medical and educational institutions, shopping centers.  It is possible to avoid queues at the entrance thanks to the speed of temperature measurement,” says Kornelijus Šišla, BS/2 Head of Strategic Partnerships.

“The temperature detection terminals eliminate the need for an additional person who would measure the temperature of all people entering the municipality. The sound signal that informs you about the increased temperature is a very convenient function,” says Vitaly Mosin, Head of the Department of Services for Interested Persons of the Vilnius Municipality.

Visitors also appreciated the benefits of temperature detection terminals. “I think temperature measurement is critical to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The device is necessary for crowded places because it detects the temperature without contact and makes it much faster than measuring with a thermometer,” says Gintaras, resident of Vilnius.

According to the World Health Organization, the first symptom of coronavirus infection is fever, but many people do not notice it. That’s why Lithuanian companies, government organizations, and educational institutions are advised to measure employees’ and visitors’ temperature during a pandemic.

The advantages of a stationary temperature detection terminal include measurement accuracy and speed. The device measures the temperature without contact at a distance of half a meter with an accuracy of 0.5°C. When the system detects a face and measures the temperature, the information will appear on the screen. The system gives an audible and light signal when an increased temperature is detected.

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