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Bill Manager.iQ Automated Utility Services Accounting System is Successfully Entering the Market

Bill Manager.iQ, a smart utility services accounting system developed by Penki Kontinentai Group, is successfully entering the market. As shown by a recent survey of the accounting system’s users, more than one half of them rate it as good or very good.

According to Gediminas Muižys, Product Manager of the system, nearly one-fifth of the respondents consider the system impeccable. ‘22% of the respondents say that Bill Manager.iQ system is excellent. Two-thirds of the respondents (32%) rate the scheme as ‘good’ but suggest that it should be supplemented with new functions, for example, direct debit and more frequent payment information updates. We will improve and update the system based on the analysis of these proposals’, says Product Manager G. Muižis.

According to him, the Bill Manager.iQ solution is attractive to people due to convenient payment for utility services based on a single bill generated by the system and the automated data collection function. Also, on their computer or mobile device screens, users can view and analyze graphs showing the resource use trends, set the resource consumption limits, receive alerts when they are exceeded, or order extra services (such as the online service, Smart House, etc.). Secure payments in the Bill Manager.iQ system are guaranteed by ASHBURN International, a company licensed by the Bank of Lithuania and forming part of Penki Kontinentai Group.

While the Bill Manager.iQ smart utility services accounting system is mainly intended for flat owners’ societies and utility companies, it may be implemented by individual users.

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