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Banking and Retail Synergy in Focus

Last week BS/2 team returned from the annual partners‘ meeting of the world’s largest banking equipment manufacturer, Diebold Nixdorf, attended by 180 people from 34 countries. The purposes of the event held in Madrid included presenting the latest Diebold Nixdorf banking and retail equipment innovations, discussing the last year‘s results, exchanging the best practices. During the congress, BS/2 was awarded the prestigious Special Achievement Banking 2017 prize for the innovative technological solution introduced in Azerbaijan.

Tomas Augucevičius, Deputy General Manager of BS/2, shared his impressions of the company’s successful merit:

– What were the main issues discussed at the congress?

– It should be noted that this was the first event of a kind held after the Diebold and Wincor Nixdorf merger. It provided a detailed overview of Diebold Nixdorf‘s offered advanced products and services – and presented its future strategy. Much attention was given to banking and retail sectors synergy – or, as Diebold Nixdorf calls it, “connected commerce.” During the discussion, the goal was set that, with Diebold Nixdorf and its partner’s assistance, two seemingly different business sectors could create such an environment that would be comfortable not only for banks and retailers but for customers as well.

– And what important reports BS/2 people made?

– This year our company presented two large and important projects. One presentation was devoted to the ATM network (over 600 ATMs) modernization of one of the largest Scandinavian banks operating in the Baltics. The second presentation concerned the large-scale projects implemented in Georgia in the sectors of banks and retail trade. We were among the first in the market to offer a full range of the EFT-POS network integrated management and maintenance services from a single source, including equipment rental and maintenance, as well as transactions processing. Our other projects are connected with the integrated services for self-service banking devices, monitoring and optimization of cash flows, and the possibility to use contactless ID cards within the ATM network.

– The award you‘ve got – was it a surprise?

– Such prizes are always a surprise, although they are expected. It’s great that such a company as Diebold Nixdorf appreciated our efforts to create the VTM.iQ solution. After all, we were among of the first to offer our customers a concept of a device that would allow banks and other organizations to remotely provide various services: communicate with bank employees, open an account, get a bank card right on the spot, buy and print tickets, get and pay for the loan, utilities, insurance services, other bills.

We at BS/2 can rejoice that Diebold Nixdorf highly appreciated our work quality – and regularly marks it with prestigious awards. This shows that BS/2 is a major international player, and not only our competitors but also friends follow our progress.

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