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ATMeye 1.0 – the new generation of the most popular ATM video security product

BS/2 is pleased to inform our esteemed partners and customers about the release of version 1.0 of one of the most popular our product – the video surveillance system for self-service devices ATMeye.

The new release became a member of the .IQ product family and now has a name – ATMeye.iQ. It was implemented on an entirely new .IQ platform developed by the BS/2 specialists. ATMeye.iQ is significantly superior to its predecessor in both functionally and in terms of business potential.

We hereby announce that from mid-August 2009 the company is accomplishing its development of the current, i.e. the 4th ATMeye version. Since this moment all our efforts will be directed towards support and development of the next generation product – ATMeye.iQ, which:


· has been turned into an intelligent video monitoring & client conflict settlement solution,

· increases ROI (Return On Investment) of the entire device network,

· reduces the risk of fraud and vandalism on devices,

· includes new functionality – device registration interface,

· due to the interactive information panel considerably has expanded functionalities of built in reports,

· allows to achieve a radical increase in productivity,

· became a full-scale multivendor solution.


Currently, we are able to offer our customers a set of opportunities, which will ensure a smooth transition to ATMeye.iQ.

The customers, who have already signed the Support & Maintenance Agreement on ATMeye product and are currently provided with support and maintenance services, will receive the new product version free of charge under conditions of the ongoing agreement.

Those who will sign the Support & Maintenance Agreement before January 1, 2010, will receive the new version on favorable terms.

Please note that until the end of 2009 the company BS/2 will continue the sales of ATMeye version 4 only for customers, who already bought this version of product. However, in order to meet our customers’ needs, we are ready to grant our customers the right to sign the ATMeye version’s 4 Support and Maintenance Agreement at any time for the validation period up to August 1, 2011.

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