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ATM Security 2012 participants got to know ATMeye.iQ

ATM Security 2012, an international conference held in London in early October, attracted hundreds of ATM security professionals. There were bank representatives, banking hardware manufacturers, banking software developers, and ATM security specialists from Europe and India, Pakistan, Brazil, and other countries among the conference participants.

The conference was attended by specialists from BS/2, a Lithuanian company that has been successfully working in the banking technology sector for over 15 years. They expressed very positive views of the conference.

BS/2’s Artur Kurginian said: “At this and other security conferences that are frequently organized by the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA), you can learn about the latest ATM security solutions, about how they work, and about their benefits. This is a wonderful opportunity to find out what our customers are currently interested in, to answer any questions they might have, to establish new contacts, and to strengthen old ones.“

At the conference, BS/2 presented ATMeye.iQ, its video surveillance and security solution, which has already been installed on over 40,000 devices in 65 countries worldwide.

Mr. Kurginian commented: “First of all, ATMeye.iQ complies with the PCI DSS and PA DSS international standards. It is also a flexible solution compatible with various kinds of self-service devices such as ATMs, automated teller safes, or payment terminals. And, finally, ATMeye.iQ provides a lot of useful functionality: protection against skimming, theft, attempts to break the device open, and other types of vandalism and fraud.”

According to the specialist, those conference attendees who stopped by BS/2’s exhibition stand got really a lot to see. On a TV screen, they could see how ATMeye.iQ was solving problems simulated in real-time.

The next ATMIA-organized security conference will be held in November this year, in Sydney, Australia.

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