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An updated version 1.1.4 of “ATMeye.iQ” to be introduced in the exhibition “Wincor World 2014”

At an international exhibition “Wincor World 2014” that will take place in Germany this January, a company “Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos” (BS/2) shall introduce an updated version 1.1.4 of their product “ATMeye.iQ” designed for the banking and retail trade sectors.

“Wincor World” is annually organized by a leading developer of banking solutions, German company “Wincor Nixdorf.” This year, companies participating in “Wincor World 2014” shall introduce more than 500 new products designed for the banking and retail trade sectors. The exhibition shall also include a symposium, where more than 50 IT experts from all over the world will give their presentations and specialized seminars and discussions.

“ATMeye.iQ,” to be introduced by BS/2 in the exhibition, is a system hardware and software solution that ensures the protection of self-service equipment and reduces risks associated with fraud control and vandalism. The product “ATMeye.iQ” has already gained a reputation as a highly reliable solution in 67 countries. It has been updated with new features, including “Black List,” expanded monitoring, and faster data exchange protocol.

A “Black List” feature introduced in the new version provides an opportunity to identify a person who uses the ATM and is included in the “Black List,” as well as instantly react accordingly: return the card before the user performs any operation, not to replace the card to the user or notify the responsible authorities or persons and attend the customer in the usual way.

“ATMeye.iQ” version 1.1.4 has improved efficiency. This has been achieved using a new and much faster protocol to exchange data between the self-service device and server. Monitoring features were also improved and updated with new options. The new feature enables the monitoring of both the equipment and the server.

Added value is also ensured by a solution, “Mobile ATMeye.iQ” introduced in version 1.1.3 for the first time; this solution helps obtain and analyze all the necessary information faster and make timely decisions. It allows receiving an immediate warning on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) of any suspicious activity related to a self-service machine and thereby controls the equipment’s operation.

Compared to 2012, sales volumes of “ATMeye.iQ” in 2013 increased by 30 percent, which is the best result over the five years. The number of customers choosing this product underwent the most intense growth in Southeast Asian region countries.

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