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All-seeing eye. Why video surveillance of ATMs is necessary not only for the bank’s security service

Integrated video security systems for self-service devices and other banking equipment are a compassionate part of financial institutions and other organizations’ infrastructure. Often, their operation is regulated by various documents, including the country’s legislation, the requirements of the national financial regulator, and various international safety standards.

However, the interest in using video surveillance as one of the more effective ways of fraud prevention and physical protection comes not only from security officers. An important driving force for acquiring video surveillance systems is to increase the bank’s clients’ loyalty in the efficiency and integrity of case resolution during disputable situations.

The Moment of Truth

Using the most proven and advanced video surveillance solutions for ATMs on the market today, a qualified bank employee can help a client who has forgotten cash or his bank card inside the ATM. The system operator can re-create a detailed picture of what happened, using records from several cameras, including the internal operation of the card reader, cash dispenser, and even the internal safe.

It is important to note that sets of photos and video are automatically assigned to specific actions of the user of the device or transaction, which significantly reduces the bank’s employees’ reaction time and increases the resolution speed of non-standard situations. This way, the bank can assist the client at the same moment when help is urgently needed most.

Nothing left to dispute

Banks and Independent ATM Deployer (IAD) often have to deal with clients claiming unsatisfactory ATM operation – subpar banknote quality or even insufficient amounts of dispensed cash. Often such claims are unjustified. However, this does not always indicate an attempt at manipulation or fraud. It’s possible that due to the inattentiveness of the user, an incorrect amount could’ve been entered, or perhaps the user left a few notes in the device – the user then immediately contacts the bank’s support service and reports these claims.

Naturally, it is in the interest of financial institutions to minimize the number of such cases since the amount of resources required for resolving such disputes is equal to the number of resources required for dealing with actual fraud cases. Fortunately, video surveillance systems for self-service devices allow banks to quickly retrieve footage provided to the client, police, or other organizations for quicker dispute resolution.

Thus, the very concept of ATM operation disputes can be considered obsolete by using the proper work tools. This highly minimizes the workload of Customer Care Centers, leaving them only with “Special” cases.

Facial Recognition

As biometric technologies’ development advances, the usage of Facial recognition in video surveillance systems increases drastically. Facial recognition is widely recognized as one of the quickest and most comfortable user authorization methods, especially for ATMs – since it makes operating the device far simpler. Simultaneously, impersonal biometric data (for example, gender or age) can be used to display well-targeted commercials.

The new user experience involves customers and motivates them to use self-service devices more often and significantly speeds up the performance of standard banking operations, reducing queues in front of ATMs, payment kiosks, and other terminals.

The ATMeye.iQ system is one of the most popular specialized security solutions for self-service devices and is used in 80 countries worldwide. In recent years, the scope of its use has significantly expanded: from the standard functionality of the video surveillance system to significantly optimizing banks’ working processes and ‘Video Surveillance As A Service’ providers and speeding up the handling of client requests.

Integration with the LUNA platform allowed banks to use ATMeye.iQ to collect biometric data, authorize customers and technical personnel and cash collectors.


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