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A new version of ATMeye.iQ –

The developers of ATMeye.iQ, a software solution that provides additional safety and security for self-service devices, presented a new version –

It has improved stability, prepared to work with a broader range of self-service devices, as well as enhanced with new features:

  • Extended recording function for self-service devices that allows pre-recording video for each separate event of a particular transaction (“the card is inserted,” “the card is read,” “PIN entry,” etc.) This feature provides additional security for the device and the clients and speeds up the resolution of conflict situations with customers;
  • In the case of ATMeye.iQ Server database crush the possibility to restore the list of self-service devices transaction events (“Card is inserted,” “Card is read,” “Enter the PIN,” etc.) from the captured information stored at the self-service devices are added;
  • Expanded the list of self-service devices that can work with a different type of sensors (shock sensors, vibration, tilt, smoke, temperature, etc.) and can send notification on a particular event or alarm when triggered;
  • Added possibility to create, edit and store templates of a set of filters for the device monitoring system.iQ Client application.

In addition to these innovations, the developers decided to offer the possibility to use a remote file management system (RFM.iQ) as a separate product.

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