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3 new security-enhancing features of Cash Management.iQ

An all-in-one, cash management platform is a convenient tool for solving day-to-day tasks of specialists of the Treasury, ATM fleet development team, and the CIT service. However, the IT security department employees also have their requirements for a cash management system since information about the transfer of cash and other valuables ​​is sensitive data for any organization.

The purpose of the latest updates of the Cash Management.iQ software platform is to increase the security level and meet the increasing requirements of international security standards, which are implemented in modern banks, CIT services, and retailers.

1.       Updating the user actions logging system

To simplify the security officer’s work during dispute analysis, the BS/2 team improved the display of the history of user actions in the system (administrators, operators, cashiers, CIT employees). Now, the administrator has access to information about changes made by users and receives details on several parameters.

  • Date and time of change.
  • The module in which the changes were made.
  • Type of transaction.
  • A specific object (items).
  • Changed parameter.
  • The previous and new parameter value.

In total, the system can track more than 80 different system parameters.

2.       Authorization of critical changes by security service

Another innovation of Cash Management.iQ, is the feature for IT security personnel to authorize system parameters changes. Note that it is possible with the most important parameters, the changes linked with data security and system performance, for example, confirmation of changes in user access rights.

When the main operator of Cash Management.iQ sets new rights to the system users, they may need confirmation from the manager of the IT security department. The operator initiates changes are confirmed by an information security officer in the specifically dedicated console “Authorization of changes.” Such authorization can improve access control efficiency and create several security levels to ensure a high-security of sensitive data.

Also, for additional convenience and simplification, notifications for confirmation of changes can be separately configured.

3.       Integration with Active Directory/LDAP

Many companies use the Microsoft Active Directory service to access files, applications securely, and various software stored on the hard drive of an employee’s work computer or a closed network.

As part of the latest Cash Management.iQ update, the ability to provide access to this software platform through AD/LDAP has been implemented. This simplifies many processes, including the procedure for ensuring security during the operation of the Cash Management.iQ, which is especially important in increasing the number of users of the system: connecting more cashiers, CIT employees, and analysts both in the central operational department and in the regional offices of the organization.

Cash Management.iQ for cash flow management

The Cash Management.iQ system is intended for forecasting demand for cash, optimal planning of refills, and distribution of cash and other valuables for banks, CIT services, and retail chains. The economic effect of the solution’s implementation is caused by a reduction of departures of CIT service and a decrease in the total money supply necessary to refill facilities: self-service devices (ATMs, payment kiosks, etc.), bank branches, bank vaults, and trade and service enterprises.

The Cash Management.iQ software platform can be deployed both in the customer’s infrastructure and in the BS/2 cloud service. The second option allows you to minimize costs and reduce the time of implementation of the solution. To learn more about Cash Management.iQ and its implementation options, contact our specialists.

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