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Traditional Victory of SEB at the BFI Cup Tournament

Representatives of SEB bank from Lithuania won the 13th BFI Cup international tennis tournament among banks and financial institutions. The second place went to the Danske bank team, the third – to Orion Securities. Аlmost 80 players took part in the tournament.

The tennis tournament, which took place in the Vilnius sports complex SEB Arena on October 10-11, was traditionally held with the support of Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2), owned by Penki Kontinentai. Representatives of the Group (Executive Director of ASHBURN International Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Head of the Development Department of ASHBURN International Tomas Šeikis, Director of Penkių kontinentų komunikacijų centras Laurinas Šeškevičius also took part in the tournament as players.

“In tennis, as in business, it is essential to assess your capabilities correctly. Of course, it is more interesting to play with a strong opponent. It is more difficult to defeat him. I am glad that, despite the pandemic, the tournament took place and provided an opportunity to meet with representatives of various financial companies in an informal setting,” said Tomas Augucevičius, Deputy General Director of BS/2.

The two-day program of the tournament included single, doubles, and team competitions.

BFI Cup 2020 results

Total team points:

1st place. SEB — 110 points

2nd place. Danske Bank — 54 Points

3rd place. Orion Securities — 27 points

4th place. PricewaterhouseCoopers — 24 Points

5th place. Swedbank — 24 points

6th place. Western Union — 22 points

7th place. PayRay — 8 points

8th place. Legator — 4 points

9th place. Penki kontinentai group of companies — 2 points

10th place. Nordstreet — 0 points

Women under 35

1. Svajūnė Vadopalaitė (Danske bank)

2. Angelina Lučinskaja (Orion Securities)

3. Aleksandra Altuchova (Western Union)

Women 35+

1. Daiva Uosytė (SEB)

2. Gina Varnagirytė (SEB)

3. Sonata Mickuvienė (Swedbank)


Women’s Doubles

1. Laura Umaraitė / Violeta Kirilovaitė (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

2. Dovilė Revutaitė/ Evelina Gaidukevičienė (SEB)

3. Gina Varnagirytė / Audra Stankevičienė (SEB)


Men under 35

1. Simonas Kakanauskas („Danske bank“)

2. Kasparas Stabingis (SEB)

3. Donatas Girdvainis (SEB)


Men 35+

1. Paulius Ramantauskas (Western Union)

2. Renato La Fianza (PayRay)

3. Martynas Žalėnas (Danske bank)


Men 45+

1. Igoris Ryklys (Swedbank)

2. Arvydas Kalnelis (SEB)

3. Žydrūnas Lukauskas (SEB)


Men’s TOP

1. Augustas Radžiukynas (SEB)

2. Laurynas Antropikas (Orion Securities / 1AM)

3. Adomas Jarmolavičius (SEB)


Men’s Doubles

1. A. Čičelis / A. Radžiukynas (SEB)

2. R. Jogėla / J. Balsys (PricewaterhouseCoopers)

3. T. Padolskis / M. Žalėnas (Danske bank) and V. Juzikis / Stabinas (SEB)


Mixed Doubles

1. S. Vadopalaitė / S. Kakanauskas (Danske bank)

2. A. Lučinskaja / L. Antropikas (Orion Securities / 1AM)

3. D. Uosytė / D. Girdvainis (SEB)

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