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The Claim against “Maxima LT” – Quarter of a Million

The subsidiary of “Penki Kontinentai” group, “Ashburn International”, which have created and maintained loyalty cards software for “Maxima LT” (former known as “VP Market”), the largest retailer in Lithuania, sues it for breaking the contract, announces “” news.

The claim against “Maxima LT” tops 250 thousand litas. This amount was agreed by the parties for unilateral termination of the contract.

Firstly the claim was satisfied by the preliminary decision of the Vilnius Regional court. After that, the court rejected the claim on the ground of the prescription period.

However, last Friday the Court of Appeals stated that the prescription period was not over: “Maxima LT” had decided to cancel the contract on the 19th of October 2006, but “Ashburn International” was officially informed about that only on the 20th of February 2007.

“We see it as a clear message not only for “Maxima”, but e.g. for “Lukoil” and other retailers. It is the message, that any software must be used very clearly, honestly, lawfully and without any violation of legal interests of other persons”, Martynas Žilionis, the spokesman of “Penki Kontinentai” group says.

He confirmed that “Ashburn International” has filed the analogous legal action against “Maxima Latvia” SIA.

Until now the representatives of “Maxima LT” have not made any official comments about these claims.

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