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New way to shop online “Paysafecard“ is already available in Lithuania

A company “ASHBURN International” (ASHBURN) owned by a group of companies “Penki kontinentai” has offered the Lithuanian market prepayment checks “Paysafecard”, which can be used to pay for goods and services purchased online.  “Paysafecard” checks are now available in all “Perlas” terminals in different cities of Lithuania.

According to E-product Manager of “ASHBURN” Algirdas Gricius, the payment system offered by “Paysafecard” enables the safe purchase of goods and services online without the need to provide personal details.

“Having purchased a check with a code of 16 digits, the buyer enters the code in the online store and buys the desired item. When using “Paysafecard” codes, there is no need to register, provide any personal details or pay any additional fees. All this ensures both the anonymity of a buyer and full protection of his/her personal data”, says A. Gricius.

According to the expert, “Paysafecard” is highly attractive to young people who do not have a bank account or payment card. This is supported by the global practice: “Paysafecard” codes are most popular in the game market, social networks, dating sites, and for the purchase of movies or music.

Currently, there are checks with a nominal value of LTL 20, 50, 100, and 300 available in Lithuania. For more expensive items, it is possible to use three checks in combination during a single purchase. Moreover, there is an opportunity to view purchase history and balance free of charge.

About “Paysafecard”

“Paysafecard” is Europe’s largest and most popular company offering online prepayment solutions; codes distributed by the company can be used to pay for goods and services in more than 4 thousand online stores throughout the world. Its checks can be purchased in 400 thousand sales outlets in 37 countries. “Paysafecard” pays particular attention to the safety of the service and carefully selects its partner stores. In 2012, 55 million sales transactions were performed using “Paysafecard”.

About “ASHBURN International”

“ASHBURN International” that implements solutions for payment cards, e-commerce, and loyalty systems were founded in 1998. The company offers information technology solutions and outsourcing services to companies operating in the finance, commerce, telecommunications, and services sectors. As of 2003, “ASHBURN International” is a member of a group of companies “Penki kontinentai”.

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