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New release of Payments.iQ expanded range of supported self service devices

BS/2, which belongs to the company group Penki kontinentai, and the long-term partner Russian company Gamma Centras, have adapted the Payments.iQ solution for SID safe-deposit box management. It helped expand the functionality of technical equipment and offer additional services to the customers to use money deposit devices independently without the bank personnel’s help.

SID (Small Intelligent Deposit) safes are technical devices for automated banknote deposit and storing cash in plastic packages. The main advantages of these safe-deposit boxes are fast recalculation and banknotes deposit, safe storage of cash in a break-in proof safe-deposit box, and protection against counterfeit banknotes, and convenient access to the safe-deposit box for money collection.

According to Pavel Drobinov, the BS/2 Business development department manager, Payments.iQ software product helps collect deposits from the devices and provides many additional advantages.

“Payments.iQ helps collect payments from end-users, who are using bank cards and cash: various cash transfers to bank accounts, utility payments, etc. This solution, which applies to different manufacturers’ equipment, can optimize payment processes, reduce costs and ensure better protection and control. It also allows centralized management of the terminal electronic application system – any additional service is automatically integrated into the entire terminal network”, says P. Drobinov.

According to the expert, Payments.iQ is deployed in the existing terminal networks of banks, trade companies, and other businesses without changing the established mechanism of their functioning. The solution belongs to the family of .iQ products, therefore the banks, which already use SmartSafe.iQ system for automated safe-deposit box management will quickly expand the network of usable devices without performing additional complex system deployment jobs.

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