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Lithuanian solutions designed for payment cards were introduced in Belarus

At the end of July, “ASHBURN International” (ASHBURN) was owned by a group of companies “Penki kontinentai” which has been operating in the Belorussian financial market for more than 15 years, participated in a meeting of the Interagency Council of the National Bank of Belarus.

ASHBURN introduced the Council members, including representatives of the National Bank, Ministries of Trade, Taxes, Communications and Informatization, other governmental institutions, and financial enterprises, to its “TransLink.iQ” software. It ensures management of payment terminal networks, operative and safe execution of transactions made with payment cards, and cardholder data protection.

According to Žoržas Šarafanovičius, Executive Director of ASHBURN, the e-payment market in Belarus is extensive and promising. At the same time, the Lithuanian company with many years of experience in the maintenance of payment cards in the Baltic countries can offer professional solutions in the field. “Belorussian e-payment market is expanding rapidly. The growing need for e-payment solutions offers great perspectives to our company not only in the field of implementing solutions for payment cards but also in developing loyalty programs”, said Ž. Šarafanovičius.

After the meeting, members of the Interagency Council gave positive feedback about the participation of the group of companies “Penki kontinentai” in the Belorussian e-payment market, and experts from Lithuania claimed to be sure that this would contribute to the successful development of services in the Belorussian banking and retail market.

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