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Golden medals in the nomination for the “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2007” for two products of the “Penki kontinentai”

It is the eleventh year that the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists organizes the most important competition in the business sector. It is the most important recognition and evaluation of the production of the companies in the country. The aim of the competition “Lithuanian Product of the Year” is to promote the development in the business sector of Lithuania, to increase the competitive abilities of the Lithuanian products and services in the Lithuanian and international markets, and to encourage the customers’ choice of the qualitative Lithuanian product.

This year 82 products were nominated by the jury: golden medals were presented for 65 products, silver – for 17. The winners were the companies working in the field of information technologies, organizers of the international exhibitions, furniture manufacturers and housing development companies, and the representatives of the food industry.

On December, 18 the President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Admkus will present the awards to the “Penki kontinentai” group. The company received two gold medals. These were given for the “SmartSafe” software and the “Penki TV” – the electronic goods and services selling system.

“We are proud of this important award because it shows our competence and experience. The award adds to our self-confidence and proves that we are on the way to the most advanced technologies”, says Zanas Ratomskis, the Head of the BS/2 Information Technologies Department.

The “SmartSafe” is a banking system that comprises the software developed by the “Penkiu kontinentu bankinės technologijos” (BS/2) and the hardware produced by the “Wincor Nixdorf” and featured with the cash-out function.

E-trade via the “Penki TV” system allows direct buying and selling of various services on the TV screen.

This innovation by the “Penki kontinentai” had already received recognition. It was the winner in the category of the innovative product in the competition “Innovation Award 2007” organized by the Lithuanian Innovation Centre and the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. It should be noted that the system was introduced in the world exhibition “Cartes & IDentification 2007” that was organized in Paris and was dedicated to smart cards and electronic security solutions. The system received the most favorable acceptance from the part of the visitors. During the exhibition, contacts were made with companies from New Zealand, Poland, Hungary, and Ireland, that showed interest in the system.

“The goods and services e-trade system “Penki TV” is the first such system in the world. The fact that it received the highest award in Lithuania proves that it is an exclusive and highly qualitative product”, says Rimgaudas Leonavicius, the Project Manager of the “Penki TV”.

It is the third time that the “Penki kontinentai” group becomes the winner of this prestigious competition. In 2005 the silver medal was presented for the fiber optic net “Skynet”. In 2006 it was given for the visual security system “ATMeye”. It should be mentioned that there was a noticeable increase in the selling results of the product after it was awarded by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

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