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Georgian Liberty Bank Interested in Lithuanian Banking Solutions

In early July, representatives of Georgian Liberty Bank – processing department head Alexander Ketishvili, ATMs and payment terminals branch manager Vazha Maisuradze, and the strategic projects manager Levan Ugrekhelidze – visited the Penki kontinentai group of companies.

Liberty Bank is a private bank offering innovative banking solutions to its clients and one of Georgia’s three largest banks.

Guests from Georgia discussed development trends and novelties in banking and retail trade with Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) managers.

BS/2 specialists presented the guests with the latest banking solutions from Diebold Nixdorf and a specialized .iQ software products family designed for it. .iQ is a unique platform developed by BS/2 that is a multifunctional complex of business processes monitoring and management solutions.

Representatives of the bank were especially interested in the Diebold Nixdorf ATMs with circulation and currency exchange functions distributed by BS/2 – for this purpose, BS/2 specialists have developed a specialized FCX.iQ currency exchange system – and installed it to ATMs.

The VTM.iQ multifunctional complex is another most advanced and popular device offered by BS/2. It can perform

almost all spectrum of banking services – such as opening an account, printing out a contract, ordering and issuing a bank card, deposit, and withdrawal of cash, various payments, etc. – in the self-service model.

In their turn, Ashburn International presented the innovative payment terminals and dedicated specialized TransLink.iQ solution for terminal network management and PayLo loyalty program managing system.

The Penki kontinentai group of companies and Liberty Bank have successfully cooperated for about fifteen years already.

The Lithuanian group of companies has been working in the Georgian market since 2001, and in 2009 a subsidiary that cooperates with major Georgian commercial banks was established.

With the Lithuanian company’s help, Georgian banks constantly expand and modernize their networks and introduce innovative devices designed to improve customer service quality.

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