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Financial Omni-Channel Customer Service at Smart Lithuania 2016 Fair

This November 4-5, Vilnius hosted Išmani Lietuva (Smart Lithuania) 2016 high-tech conference and fair. At that event, which was held for the first time, visitors were able to get a feel for what it means to live in a smart home – they also could see innovations created in our country, play computer games, learn about the latest video and audio solutions, hear success stories and learn about the competencies required in the future.

During the inauguration ceremony, Lithuania‘s President Dalia Grybauskaite stressed that creative people and their unique ideas are the country’s largest asset. „Lithuania is a land of intelligent, hard-working, and creative people,“ she said. „They care about their homeland and its future, and their ideas help our country to move smartly.”

Penki kontinentai group of companies was among the leading Lithuanian companies that took part in the event – and it accentuated the financial omnichannel customer service. In the company’s booth, visitors could see modern payment terminals, contactless cards, PayTaxi payment and loyalty solution allowing to pay for taxi trips, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) that makes various payments possible at a TV screen, Payments.iQ solution for various taxes, fees, and electronic services, TransLink.iQ solution that securely manages ATM networks and ensures transactions‘ safety and, finally, its latest and greatest hit – VTM.iQ hardware/software platform.

According to Penkių kontinentų bankinės technologijos (BS/2) Executive Manager Tomas Augucevičius, this unique solution might replace current bank branches in the future. “This innovative hardware and software complex not only expands the customer service specter but also fundamentally changes the approach to it. The customer can make a contract, scan and sign various documents, get a payment card, withdraw or deposit cash, get a loan, and perform other financial transactions. Also, video conferencing technologies allow to consult and communicate with a bank specialist remotely,” Mr. Augucevičius said.

Visitors were invited to become future bank customers. They communicated with the bank operator, played by Elita Citovičiūtė, via the bank terminal, tried to sign the contract with the bank, get the payment card, pay bills, get or pay back the loan.

The solution can be used for various financial, insurance, and other services. The first real VTM.iQ unit was introduced by Penki kontinentai group earlier this fall in Baku. The project, which was carried out together with a local bank, offers prompt and efficient customer service, optimize cash processes, and significantly expands the service area.

Over 600 professionals from different sectors took part in the event organized by Verslo žinios business daily.

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