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Europe Cash Cycle Seminar: Cash Cycle Evolution and Strategy

Cash circulation is one of the key points of the modern economy. Despite the intensive development of non-cash payments, in 2018, the total global amount of cash grew by 0.7%, and the most significant growth was recorded in Europe (by 3.2%) and America (by 2.9%). That is why issues of improving money circulation are always at the center of specialists’ attention.

The International Commercial Cash Operations Seminar is one of the most respected forums that bring together cash flow management professionals from commercial and national banks. The company “Currency Research” (USA) has been organizing seminars in America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for over 20 years.

This year the European part of the ICCOS conference will be held on May 13-16 in Georgia, Tbilisi. The main forum objective is to exchange new ideas in managing the cycle of cash circulation between credit institutions and well-known global suppliers of IT solutions.

Representatives of companies BS/2 and ASHBURN International (both part of the Penki Kontinentai Group) will participate in the event and showcase solutions for the banking self-service channel transformation, tools for cash flow monitoring, cash collection, and remote cash capture management.

The Europe Cash Cycle Seminar conference will be attended by representatives of the National Banks of Georgia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Croatia, Turkey, Israel, and Kazakhstan and other experts from European and Asian commercial banks. It is devoted to discussing the most acute industry problems, the money cycle evolution, management strategies, and improving the cash cycle’s effectiveness.

During the event, BS/2 will make several reports and presentations. The Head of Marketing at BS/2, Kirill Ovsyannikov, will talk about the cash circulation in the Trans-Caucasian region, emphasizing real examples of the largest banks’ business cases.

The joint report with the Head of the Retail Business Department in Uzbek Ipak Yuli Bank Ulugbek Tavakkalov will highlight the success story of using automated currency exchange points based on Diebold Nixdorf equipment and the FCX.iQ software solution.

The BS/2 team will also conduct several mini-seminars based on practical experience in introducing cash recycling technologies and developing integrated cash management systems in different countries.

A unique three-day event will bring together experts from over 80 countries worldwide to share ideas, technologies, cost-saving strategies, and best practices. The day after the forum, the National Bank of Georgia will organize a tour to the country’s main cash center.

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