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Bankers and Financiers Competed For the BFI Tennis Cup For the 10th Time Already

With a score of 67 points, the SEB bank team turned out to be the winner of the BFI (banks and financial institutions) international tennis tournament, sponsored by BS/2 banking and retail technologies company. The Swedbank team took 2nd place with 52 ​​points, while the Danske Bank team was the 3rd with 26 points only.

“It‘s great that we can contribute to the organization of such an interesting – and popular – an annual event in which representatives of the banking and financial industry might prove they can manage not only finance but also tennis rackets. What‘s more, the current tournament is the tenth one, so we hope that next year it will be even more intriguing and representative”, says Germans Kavalskis, Head of Communications of Penki Kontinentai Group.


The event, which took place this November 11-12 at the SEB Arena in Vilnius, gathered 56 representatives of 13 financial institutions from Lithuania and Latvia. For the first time, Citco Vilnius, Ernst & Young Baltic, INVL Asset management, Lindorff Lietuva, and Prodentus financial companies took part.

Amateurs participated in single, doubles, and team competitions.

BFI Cup 2017: the results

Women’s under 35 group

1. Daiva Uosytė (Danske)
2. Violeta Kirilovaitė (Citco)
3. Vera Djakova (Swedbank)

Women’s 35+ group

1. Inga Badikonienė (SEB)
2. Irma Stankevičienė (Citco)
3. Gina Varnagirytė (Swedbak)

Men’s TOP group

1. Augustas Radžiukynas (SEB)
2. Laurynas Antropikas (Orion securities)
3. Edgars Rauza (Luminor)

Men’s under 35 group

1. Martins Kalnins (Swedbank)
2. Laurynas Drakšas (INVL Asset Managament)
3. Donatas Girdvainis (SEB)

Men’s 35+ group 

1. Maris Silitis (Swedbank)
2. Igoris Ryklys (Swedbank)
3. Paulius Ramanauskas (Western Union) 

Women’s team contest 

1. Daiva Uosytė / Jūratė Nedzinskienė  (Danske)
2. Inga Badikonienė / Dovilė Revutaitė (SEB)
3. Irma Stankevičienė / Adelė Nemuraitė (Luminor)

Men’s team contest 

1. Edgars Rauza/ Gediminas Būda (Luminor, Prodentus)
2. Raimondas Kvedaras / Eigintas Vedrickas (SEB)
3. Maris Silitis / Martins Kalnins (Swedbank)

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